Cases / References

Augmented Reality for Tourism and Education

Reference: The outdoor AR game Urban Memories.

Urban Memories is a geolocated exploration game. It was developed on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Freiburg School of Engineering. Integrated into the Fribourg Tourism application, the game takes visitors on a voyage of discovery through the Pérolles district of the city of Fribourg at the beginning of the 20th century. Players learn about urban planning, architecture, industry and education in Fribourg during the Belle Epoque.

CCI COTTING was involved in the development of the game as follows:

  • Consulting on the use of augmented reality and geolocation
  • Game design, involvement in the game mechanics by incorporating historical elements
  • User testing, field work and puzzle design
  • Collaboration with various academic, tourism and technical stakeholders.

Added value for Fribourg Tourism

  • Modern communication tool for an academic actor and the city of Fribourg
  • Family game for all age groups, following the edutainment approach.

Information about the game

  • Groups: 1-4 persons, 1 smartphone/tablet per group
  • Location: Pérolles district. The game can be started from any location.
  • Average duration: 2h - 2h30
  • Price: free of charge
  • Registration: none
  • Available on: App Store & Google Play under " Fribourg Tourisme AR ".

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