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The world's best antiburglary system.

Video on KEVIN®, the world's best burglary prevention system:

MITIPI WANTS EVERYBODY TO FEEL SAFE. For this, we have invented KEVIN®, a virtual roommate, based on advanced technology and A.I. He makes sure that your apartment, office or home looks inhabited, while you are gone. The risk of becoming a victim of burglary is dramatically reduced. More than 9 out of 10 would recommend KEVIN® to a friend. 100% burglary protection among KEVIN users within the last three years.
Thanks to the Mitipi Kevin App you can control KEVIN® from anywhere, and you can personalise him, recording and simulating your own sounds and light effects.
KEVIN® is not only inspired by the movie "Kevin. Home alone". It is a multifunctional Swiss engineered bluetooth speaker, lamp, audio-light- and shadow simulation machine, protecting homes and offices and preventing burglaries.

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