Internet know-how

We know what to put on your website in order to transform visitors into clients and fans

Do you want to know more about how you perform on the internet, and how you could become more effective and efficient? Contact us by email and we will be pleased to serve you.

Thanks to our close cooperation with specialists such as ArgYou, we can offer you web-audit tools that measure and monitor digital markets and the effect of websites in all industries. Our web analysis supports you in defining and implementing your digital communication strategy in order to get the attention you want from the users you want to attract.

Our services include:

Market research

  • Market monitoring and controlling of your e-environment: A single analysis facilitates controlling of the content of your website(s) and assists in objective position-fixing. Discover with which content you are perceived to be present on the Internet. We evaluate to what extent your supply matches the demand.
  • Competition and competitor analysis: The competition analysis compares selected competitors and provides insight on what your competitors are doing on the internet, what content and services they are presenting and whose content is matching the demand best. Moreover, you can get a private window on one specific competitor and find out what they are up to. Additionally, you can get a regular monitoring subscription that provides you with digital market research data on a regular basis, so you stay up-to-date on what your competition is doing.
  • Measurement of distributors: You can get an overview of all B2B-distribution channels and their performance on the internet.

Web analysis

  • Analysis of the web site (internal comparison measurement): Measure the impact of your website and compare which products are visible to customers, which regional websites match the demand best and which team works most efficiently in terms of communication. We analyze websites in almost every language worldwide.
  • Analysis of new and test websites: Analyze your test website to measure whether you are supplying the content that matches the demand of your potential users on the internet, and if the website is ideal in terms of the content and technical aspects. You will receive support during and after the design of the website. A second evaluation of your website, after a redesign, shows whether and to what extent changes were beneficial.
  • Website monitoring: Keep regular tabs on your website performance and measure how well it matches the demand.
  • Future issues: Discover what the hot topics, products and services in the digital world are. Find out first what people want to be updated with latest trends.