Video solutions

TV Channel (mobile/web)

Create your own TV Channel on smartphones, tablets and the internet.

In the age of social media, streaming video content is becoming the key element to any organization’s success when it comes to connecting with their audience.

While a few years ago this was quite difficult to do, we have set up technical partnerships (e.g. with Dartfish) to offer you a seamless, integrated platform as a one stop, turnkey resource for creating, editing, publishing and sharing your online video content.

We provide every single component you need for each step of the process, including organizational and sharing tools that go way beyond consumer sites.

You get relevant data, comments, drawings, and key position markers that help your audience find and successfully interact with your video content.

Example of custom page with playlists and key position markers.

You can decide who views your content by easily attributing access rights to your channel and by selling content and download privileges if you so wish. Easily organize and manage your content based on filters, keywords, etc.

Example of customized design: IJF World Judo Tour TV Channel.

Example of sport organization using Dartfish TV Channels: US Tennis Association Player Development

The turnkey solution is already in practice in a wide variety of fields such as corporations, pro sports teams and major marketing agents. Playback of videos on your custom page can be forwarded or reversed frame by frame.
Add key position markers at particular points in any given video and they will show up in your page margin as individual clips to be shared with others.