Mountain Media

Media Offers in Mountain Destinations

Consumers are relaxed during vacations. They therefore perceive advertising stimuli better than they would during work days. Brands that advertise or run experiential marketing campaigns in tourism resorts benefit of a higher awareness rate; if the campaign is well implemented, it may even achieve a higher reputation of the brand, which eventually leads to action.

We offer you advertising opportunities in a broad selection of Swiss winter sports destinations. As one of the top leisure activities in Switzerland, winter sports are a fantastic advertising opportunity. Roughly 3 million skiing fans heed the call of the mountain each season, leading to about 25 million skiing days being sold.

We have conducted a study that has proven advertising on ski lifts to be the most effective among a variety of advertising possibilities in ski resorts - contact us for further details. Each campaign is expandable - you can have ski lifts or slopes carry your name or embark on a marketing partnership with our partners. We would be delighted to develop an offer for you.

As a goodie, you will receive the summer season on your ski lifts for free! By doing so, your presence will be ensured throughout the entire year; you can also change your subjects at a low rate.

Get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for - we will develop an offer for you. Browse through the menu on the left to learn more about your possibilities.