The Essence of CCI MEDIA is a combination of best practice with best academics.

We are directly connected to Universities and networks, and have therefore access to an enormous pool of academic knowledge and young innovation power ( USI Lugano, UniFR, Uni Neuchâtel, HWZ).

Who is behind it: a young and dynamic team, led by senior consultants from CCI COTTING

What we offer:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING: Getting you through the jungle and let you benefit.
    Developing social media and new media strategies and concepts.

  • CLASSICAL MEDIA & SPONSORSHIP CONSULTING & BOOKING: Getting more and being more effective for less.
    Media & Sponsorship Consulting as you never experienced it before: Second opinion/ expertise, ROI valuations, coaching, contract development and/or negotiation lead for national, international and global campaigns and concepts.

  • EXPERIENTAL MARKETING: Developing unique concepts that integrate all media – online/offline and reality with virtuality, such as conceptualized for the Swatch SnowParks.

  • CONTENT- and DISTRIBUTION MARKETING: Developing and negotiating Content Deals with Media Groups and ensuring a worldwide distribution of your events or messages over up to 1’700 TV channels and hundreds of websites.

  • EVENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGY AND CONTROLLING: Based on our experience of having been responsible for the financing and sponsorship of the UEFA Euro2008 events in the Host City Basel, the events of PlanetSolar in cities such as Brisbane, Hongkong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Monaco, as well as extensive research and conceptual work in the area we know what to focus on in order to develop, lead and control a “once in a lifetime” event.