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SKADI FIS - The World's first real-time adventure game and navigation App for the mountains

SKADI is a free to download app that creates a personalised itinerary of a ski resort. It is aimed at skiers, snowboarders, hikers and bikers looking to make the most of the mountain with their own personal guide.

CCI MEDIA is an investor and promotor of SKADI FIS

The SKADI Ski Trophy is the first ever real-time skiing adventure game. It is an interactive real-time game for skiers, currently available in 61 top ski resorts around the globe. It works on top of the mobile application called SKADI (in Norse mythology Skadi is a winter goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains).

The user can find mountain creatures (game artefacts) appearing on most of the ski resort pistes: Bear, Ibex, Marmot, Eagle and the Dwarf as a joker who stirs up the game with its cunning character. There is also a Power Drink to be found, a special strength active for a dedicated time that gives an extra buzz to the gaming experience.

The goal is to collect as many crystals as possible using a bit of strategy, help from SKADI ski-guide and skiing skills. The game is beginner-friendly as SKADI uses its advanced algorithm technology to adapt the game difficulty to specific skiing levels, so it can be played by anyone with the same level of engagement.

SKADI CEO and Co-Founder Sergey Cymbal comments : “The SKADI Ski Trophy is a real step-up of the ski fun experience on the mountain, if you are at least a bit of the game character. Its a great entertainment when you go skiing to big resorts for a week - SKADI introduces you to the resort from day one and makes skiing a thrilling experience to the very last day. A new personalised Ski Safari route is created every morning, with new game trophy locations, so you never run out of skiing challenges. Its refreshing to chase around the creatures appearing on the beautifully drawn SKADI maps. And you are doing this skiing on the remote mountains in the Alps, not even connected to the internet, as SKADI works offline.”


SKADI has been launched in December 2016 and is available on iTunes and Google Play. SKADI is available in English, German, French, Russian and Italian languages. The app is user friendly and convenient to use, but it also has highly complex and sophisticated technology behind it.

Sergey Cymbal comments: “We have developed unique technologies capable to prepare and treat accurate geospatial ski-resort data. The innovative computing algorithms are based on 3D embedded terrain models and some of the features include user guidance that’s visually represented by our own digital drawings based on classic ski resort maps. Real-time offline audio guidance that directs the user with simple, brief and accurate voice hints. Battery friendly technology: ski all day using the app without the need to recharge the phone and our data treatment technology is at least 1-2 years ahead of competitor’s development.”

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